• Sri Lanka America Association of Southern California

Community Service

The primary purpose of the organization is fellowship and commitment to fostering the cultural enrichment of the Sri Lankan Community throughout Southern California.

The Organization finalize the dates of the proposed events at the first Committee Meeting of the particular fiscal year. Its major events for a fiscal year is as follows.

  • Vesak Bhakthi Gee and Lighting Lantern
  • Hopper Night [Fund Raising Party]
  • Running a Float at the Sri Lanka Day Expo and Parade
  • Christmas Party
  • Sri Lanka Independence Day Celebration
  • Sri Lanka Sinhala and Tamil New Year Celebration

Further, the Organization donate fund [$ 500.00] for funeral services to the Sri Lankan Community who lives in Southern California time to time.  

Budget will be submitted to the Committee’s approval for each and every project, and the following fund raising activity will follow subject to the availability of funds.

  • Mail solicitations
  • Phone solicitations  
  • Email solicitations
  • Accept donations on the organization’s website  
  • Personal solicitations
  • Government grant solicitations
  • Membership

All the funds received as donations are deposited to the Organization’s Bank Account through the Treasurer, and the Treasurer will report to the Committee about the receipts of such funds. All the payments related to the projects will be paid upon the approval of the Committee. Once the project is over, Treasurer will submit a Statement of Account to the Committee, and the same will be sent to all the life members via email as well as displayed at the Organization’s website.